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Greenpoint-Purple Dream 6 Fem seed pack

Greenpoint-Purple Dream 6 Fem seed pack

Purple Punch x Blue Dream

Purple Dream is a hybrid Indica created by crossing Granddaddy Purple and Blue Dream. As a Purple strain, it does, indeed, smell like grapes (and a little blueberry, too).

Purple dream boasts a pleasant musty flavor. Additionally — for those with an especially discerning nose — it may smell of flowers, pine, grapes, and blueberries.

The powerful head high of this lofty strain tends to induce creativity for those inclined towards it. Additionally, it may also force relaxation for those who consume high doses. This strain is commonly sought for its joyous and euphoric effects. Fortunately, function and motivation are not lost on this strain as they may be with many stronger strains. However, high doses may induce sleep, so save this one for evenings or lazy days if possible.

Many choose to consume Purple Dream as a means of relaxation and pain mitigation. Additionally, patients often use it for pain and to curb nausea, ADHD, depression, anxiety, headaches, and chronic fatigue. However, like most strains, it may cause cottonmouth so keep a drink handy when consuming this indica blend.

The manicured flowers are darker forest green and with a sprinkling of tiny orange hairs. The generous dusting of trichomes glimmer when the light catches them making for amazing bag appeal.

Cultivating Purple Dream is easier to nurture to maturation than many other strains. It grows best outside with a great deal of sunshine.
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