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Bubba Gump 5 regular seeds pack

Bubba Gump 5 regular seeds pack

Bubba Gump

Bubba Gump Overview:  A solid standby, Bubba Gump is almost pure indica standard; a reliably effective cross of Bubble Gump x Kush. Known to lean toward the physically heavy side of things, a good Bubba usually results in extended periods of immobilization or sleep.

Looks (9.6): Bubba Gump has bright green sugar splotches with deeper darker more natural looking hues amongst the tangled reddish amber pistils and overall sparkling character. Dense and fresh, somewhat sticky to the touch, and positively exploding with internal trichome evidence.

Smell (9.7):  Not deep dank and dark, but Bubba Gump is totally delectable. Light citrus scents battle the deeper smooth spicy dank aromas of sweetened sun-kissed skunk. Lighter and brighter but stinky and musky.

Taste (10): Bubba Gump is s weet dank and delicious. Flavors of plum enriched sour skunk muskiness reach a pungently sweet crescendo as the smooth lip-sticky aftertaste clings to the palate and pervades the environment.

Effects (9.7):  Chokingly expansive on the lungs with a pronounced stoking effect realized, heavy on the eyes and hits the funny bone first, but overall generally immobilizing without being too downtrodden. Bubba Gump is very slow burning and quite strong in desired physically heavy indica influence, a long-lasting best of breed Bubba Kush for sure.

Indications:  Good for chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety relief, hypertension, back pain, migraines, Restless Leg Syndrome.
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