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Updated list

Hello everyone,

Not all my strains have made it to the website, as some are in limited supply. please message me if your I treated on anything on the following list that’s not on the site.

Regular auto list;

skunk auto

green headband auto  

Devils headband auto  

blueberry auto

super 90 auto

snow ryder auto

afghani auto

hindu skunk auto

moster kush auto

Durbin poison auto

Himalaya Blue diesel auto

Berry Ryder bx Auto

Regular seed list;


bubba gump

blue God

purple Afghani

blue kush  

afghani kush

cpt kush

bubba kush

Best 50/50

white widow/gdp mix seeds


super fruit

King Kong

afghani #1

green goddess #2

OG 18

thai hash plant

fire og

purple berry

ghost og  

thc bomb

ninja fruit

pineapple chunk

burce banner

Bruce Banner x SF


blue gorilla

la shorty Indica

Big Bud

Burmese x sf

Purple Kush

Purple Chemdawg

Lemon super skunk

Green Goddes

Lemon Lime




big bud

lemon skunk

blueberry x sf

mint chocolate chip

green dream reg

LA Confidential

blue cookies  

super blue berry

trainwreck f4

chemdawg #4

triple MTF 5

purple gorilla 3

AR Banner OG F1

triple melt OG f1 reg

duble berry kush f1 reg

Banner Berry OG F1 reg

Sonic Skunk F1 Reg

Cannaclysam F1 Reg

blue monkey f1 reg

El chapo X 220

Burmese Og XY


Himalayan Kush

Blue lemon Thai X himalayan Kush 4

king louie x sf

ultimate purple 3

Dr Who x Super Glue

Super glue


critical mass

Jedi Glue

Blue Tahoe Cheese F4

Pine Tar Kush

Midnight Cheese Bx1

Purple ice F3

Tajikistan’s hash plant reg

Wilma kush reg

Tahoe og reg

Skywalker OG

Super Silver Haze

Medijuana reg

MI5 reg

Thorsenberry reg


Glue cookies

Mazar-I-Shariff reg

Colombian gold reg


supercherry skunk fem f1


cherry bomb fem

cherry mtf fem f1

lambo og bx1 fem

dosido fem

Black Domina fem

Green crack fem

Cherry pie  

GDP fem

GSC fem

Ghost train haze fem  

Jack herer fem

Gelato fem

Fem auto;

lsd auto fem

Super silver haze

Strawberry cough

doz pebbles fem auto

Skunk haze auto fem

Great white shark auto fem

White widow fem auto

White lights fem auto

Cotton mouth genetics gear:

Lemon angle= SUBT1 x Bosley’s Angel

Alien Berry=Berry White x Alien Hand

Mutant Pie=MUGO pie x SUBT1

MUGO Foot = Frisian Duck x  Funky Berry pie F2

Bosley’s Waves= Tasty Waves x Bosley’s Angel

Funky Candy= (pre 98 Bubba x Jager) x Funky Panties F2

Skunk n Berries = jager x teaser kush

Funky panties v1 =Victoria’s Secret #3 x Funky Berry Pie f3

Funky Panties f3 v1= Funky Panties f2 x Funky Panties f2

Tropic Gas=Lemon Drop Diesel x Bosley’s Angel

Bosley Sorbet= Gelato 33 x Bosley’s Angel

Betty Whites Pie=Berry White x Humble pie  

Mint Chip Gelato=gelato 41 x Bosley’s Angel

Uncle Funk=Tres Star Dawgx Funkey Berry pie f3

Galaxy Cake=MUGO pie x Alien Hand

Alien Dank =Pink drink x Alien Hand  

Citrus Shark=24k Tangie x Teaser kush

Funky berry pie F3 v1=funky berry pie f2 x funky berry pie f2

Cherry princess = c99X Bosley’s Angel

Mutant queen=Frisian duck x Bosley’s Angel

Aussie Diesel =lemon drop diesel x SUBT1

Moschino Gelato= mochi x Bosley’s Angel

Cali Connection

Louis XXI OG


Strawberry OG

818 Headband

Alien OG

Deadhead OG

Larry OG

Blue Dream Haze

Buddha Tahoe OG

Cherries jubilee


Crop King gear all packs

Cali OG kush x haze fem

Crown Royale fem

White banner fem

Sativa star fem

White cookies fem

Purple kush fem

Gelato fem

Durban poison fem

Sour jack fem

Early miss fem auto

Candy cane fem auto

NYC diesel fem auto

White widow fem auto

Lambs breath fem auto

Revolver fem auto

Exotic genetix

Island Chill

Monkey Mints

Paradise Circus

Wonka Bars

Gelato Mint

Rainbow Reserve

Peanut butter n chocolate

World Strongest Strains

Hulk King II F1 5 seed packs

Root Beer MacFlurry F1 5 seed packs

McSlurry F1 5 seed packs

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