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Nemesis Strain Review

Nemesis is a balanced indica / sativa cross between Northern Indian and Nepali genetics. The regions of its origin are well-known producers of the most powerful strains. The plant has an average growth, grows well in any conditions and gives a fast harvest in 49-63 days.Outdoors, the crop will be ready by the end of September.

The variety is quite stable and tolerant to adverse environmental factors. It produces large sativa buds.Nemesis gives a powerful cerebral effect, so it is recommended for experienced smokers. You will get a body stone and uplifting effect.This is a really hardy and strong strain that gives good results.

Type of High

Nemesis cannabis strain's high is filled with mellow euphoria, allowing for good physical and mental functionality. Instead, it will treat a variety of conditions and provide a state of blissful serenity and relief for both mind and body.


Breeder: Seedsman Lineage: Nemesis cannabis strain is a cross between Nepal and India F1 cannabis strains.

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