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Cali Connection Grape Kush

GRAPE KUSH: A RESILIENT STRAIN WITH A FRUITY TASTE Grape Kush is best known for its deep purple colors and brown hairs. Grape Kush is a hybrid between Grape Romulan and Pre-98 Bubba. The strain offers a primarily sativa-leaning high, but the blend itself is 60% sativa and 40% indica, creating a well-balanced effect. Grape Kush provides a spicy hashish aroma mixed with the strong scent of, you guessed it, purple grapes. Grape Kush is a high-quality strain, fast-growing, and resilient. Growers can expect bountiful harvests with plenty of buds, and fast. Yields are good, reaching around 400g/m² of dispensary-quality weed indoors. Flowering time is between 8–9 weeks, with outdoor harvests occurring in October. Grape Kush grows well indoors and outdoors, and is easy to manage.


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